An Intimate Evening of Fashion Heresy!

The show took place in the lush bordello surroundings of Stone’s Place. Without the confinements of a runway or a stage, this gave the models the freedom to showcase the designs anyway they wanted and they were able to interact with the crowd – a great personal touch. And the designer Sandra Huculiak is known for her ‘personal touch’.

Sandra knew early on in her life that she wanted to be in the fashion industry. Graduating from George Brown College in 1995 she worked at various jobs; still dealing with fashion, but then decided to create her own clothing line under the name Vamp Design. Her designs were sold throughout Toronto but Sandra still wanted more. Heretic’s clothing store opened its doors to the world in 1999. The store featured her creations and accessories from other local designers. Shoppers for were even welcomed to tarot readings in the store during the weekends. Realizing that Sandra wanted to put more time into the work she loved – designing – the store closed in 2002. Heretic’s website went up on the World Wide Web and it has brought her more customers from all over the world. It’s the connection that Sandra makes with her customers that keeps them coming back. Not only is her clothing superb but Sandra’s warm and friendly attitude helped sell ‘herself’ more than anything. Many of her customers comment that Sandra is such a nice person and knows exactly how to help you choose what you want to have made. She keeps busy with custom orders and conventions but Sandra had never done an event which exclusively showcased Heretic designs. Well there was no better time than now!

Heretic enlisted the help of the diabolic performance artists of Cabaret Sinistre to narrate the fashion segments. Cabaret Sinistre added flare and originality, which is lacking in most fashion shows these days. The host, Grosik, interacted with the models and was subjected to a hat-stealing, bum spanking good time! One of the models that night was the famous American model Laura Palmer. Sandra is Laura’s personal designer, and when given the opportunity to help Sandra showcase her talent, Laura jumped at the chance. Laura’s professionalism and sexy demeanour shone through every outfit she wore that night. Her classic pin-up look was perfect for the Lucille Ball inspired dress and the gorgeous corset in the Fetish scene at the end of the show.

First we were brought through the medieval romantic inspired clothing. A whimsical red dress with a waist cincher corset; a floor length blue velvet dress that looked as though it stepped right out of a fairy tale. Beautiful silver matching outfits for a couple that were very Baroque in style. The silver corset that was shown was hand beaded! Next was a Gothic Burton/Parisian couple ensemble. The black and white candy striped vest and dress were a crowd favourite. There was a Page ensemble, a Renaissance overdress and chemise, and of course a fantastic antique lace wedding dress.

The second set was all about glamour! From harlots to housewives – it had it all! A bewitching sophisticated long black satin skirt paired with a black lace blouse and corset that was reminiscent of old Hollywood style. This was followed by a sheer black organza full skirt accompanied by a red over bust corset. Next was a cute strapless cocktail dress from the 1950’s that proved some fashions never go out of style. And for those vintage fanatics, they loved the Lucille dress. Inspired by the woman it’s named after; this two tone taffeta dress won the hearts of all who laid eyes on it. Last was a fun little red number designed with a 1940’s flare – a sleeveless cocktail dress with a teardrop neckline and matching belt.

The Fetish clothing was saved for the end to leave a ‘lasting impression’. Sandra excels at giving her fetish designs a delicate and tailored look. There were men dressed in a white PVC doctor’s lab coat and the ever-popular Priest’s cassock. A corporate style outfit consisting of a pinstripe tie, corset and pencil skirt which was one the most favourite outfits of the night. A bondage fairy graced the stage with wings, corset and a purple under dress. For all those waist-cinching fans, Laura strut her stuff in a stunning blue corset. The piece that ended the night was a floor length PVC flute gown that laced up in the back. This skintight strapless masterpiece received many cheers from the crowd. On top of viewing all the beautiful clothing the crowd was treated to delicious catered food, great music from DJ Karnage during and between show segments and lots of prize giveaways.

Sandra Huculiak couldn’t have picked a better name for her company. She follows the current fashion trends but goes against the norm and with taste. Her clothing has appeared in movies, TV shows and been displayed in the Textile Museum of Canada’s Moral Fibre exhibit. Sandra believes, first and foremost, in quality. This is why not having a retail store anymore worked perfectly for her. She is always looking forward; her next show will center on wedding apparel designs for same sex couples, teaming up with yet another community to spread her doctrine of fashion heresy. Of course one can catch Heretic at Fetish Con where they have been regular vendors for years.

Clothing and fashion exist for so many reasons. It’s a chance for people to dream up fantasy clothing or the best power suit, to have for themselves the most gorgeous wedding dress or waistcoat. Heretic can help make your custom clothing dreams come true.