Smartphone Apps, Not Just for Games

There was a day when the word “app” was short for “appetizer”. Like many, many words over time, that has dramatically changed and now is associated with the seldom used full title “application”. Apps have changed the way we live our lives in a manner nobody could have predicted. Messaging, diet plans, exercise regimens, arts and crafts, you name it, it seems like there is an app for it. Manufacturers and business owners know this all too well and have worked hard on finding ways to get their product or service translated into a user-friendly app. Companies like Provargo.

What Provargo Does

Provargo is a Denmark based bar management system company bringing business owners who use beverage dispensers well into the 21st century. They manufacture and customize drink dispensers for catering outlets such as bars, hotels, catered events, nightclubs and more using not only digital but wireless technology.

Once such beverage unit is their wireless liquor dispenser. This dispenser is used on wine and liquor bottles intended for use in venues that require mobility such as restaurants and catered events. The wireless liquor dispenser dubbed the V4 DigiPour spout can be set to pour only specific measurements of liquid such as 20ml, 25ml or 30ml at the touch of a button, a feature preventing unintentional or intentional overpour. Every pour made is being logged by the dispenser itself along with other information such as time of pour and bottle change. This information is then being sent to a transceiver for categorization before being made available in Provargo’s user-friendly cloud-based database, ProCloud.

Bottles with the V4 DigiPour spout can be safely transported around a venue both inside and out. If, for some reason, there is a loss of connection with the transceiver, this wireless liquor dispenser continues to collect the data and retains it until connection has been reestablished. The information available on the ProCloud offers great insight into the sales performance of products, the shrinkage levels of stock and the levels of inventory, to name but a few of the many benefits available. Other benefits include an array of reporting on a number of specific topics for successfully running a bar.

The ProCloud App

Provargo know how important instant access to accurate data is to any bar owner. With the use of their ProCloud app, on any smartphone or tablet, bar owners can feel confident about leaving the premises without losing touch with the business.

The app can be set to notify the user of important events or issues as they occur. Examples of notifications include alerts to low running bottles or beer kegs; depending on if your Provargo system is connected to your point-of-sales (POS) system, the user can also receive alerts of any pours being made outside of the permitted measurement.

On top of that, the app can also update and remind the user of any necessary maintenance required on the premises such as beer system cleaning. In keeping with this, if there is only one or two people authorized to perform this task, the app can be set to notify just those people.

The app does also offer general overview of the business’s sales and performance allowing users to freely handle other tasks during a busy period.

Embrace the app with Provargo, it’s here for the long haul.