Our Top Tips For Productive Work Remotely!

The number of people having the option and choosing to, work at home has dramatically increased in recent years. Improved Internet connection has helped the rise of the freelancer who is able to charge clients more for their services, whilst clients are willing to pay these amounts because of the savings made elsewhere. An issue of working outside of a professional environment such as an office has been that the working environment may not provide enough motivation for those with a not-so-strong work ethic. We will give those who feel this relates to them some tips on how to increase productivity, using widely available technology!


Tip 1 – Keep Your Work Life And Personal Life Separate


This can be a major issue when working at home. If you cannot dedicate time and energy to your work as if you were working in an office, without being interrupted, then this will definitely have a negative impact on your work.


Keep distractions out of site. This includes the TV, consoles and anything you deem distracting. Remember the saying – “out of sight, out of mind”. You should also be able to maintain a boundary at home, so you know where work starts and ends. Physical boundaries may help, such working from a dedicated office.


Tip 2 – Ensure You Have Up-To-Date And Reliable Tech


Working from home means you will have to rely on your own technology. There will be less support from the ‘IT guys’, and you will be responsible for fixing faults that may occur. Having up-to-date resources also means you are less susceptible to viruses and hacking due to outdated software. If you are finding your tech slow and unreliable, this can cause major frustration, which in turnaffects the end product. If you must, utilize spaces such as offices and meeting rooms you can rent by the hour. Meeting booking software can be used to book such spaces at very short notice for last minute conference calls and meetings. Also consider the opportunity cost of upgrading your equipment or having current equipment fail on you close to a deadline. This could cause more damage than it is worth!


Tip 3 –Stay Connected With Your Team


When working remotely, communication becomes slightly more limited, but that is no excuse to neglect your team. If anything, communication becomes even more important considering you won’t able to talk person to person. The relationships and camaraderie with colleagues built this way cannot be replaced, so it is extremely important not to nurture relationships in another way. By offering updates to managers and teammates, you are adding value to your working relationships.


So there we have it, our top tips to help improve your remote working life. If you follow these tips you are surely going to reap the benefits of working away from the office. Say goodbye to traffic jams and long commutes in bad weather, and say hello to working wherever suites you best!