Modern advanced accounting edition

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Beauty and skincare regime

What’s your beauty/skincare regime like?
I like to think I take quite good care of my skin. No matter how tired I am, I always take off every last bit of make-up before going to bed. I also exfoliate regularly and I like to use a good facemask once a week.
Do you go for beauty treatments?
I’m afraid I’m not very adventurous when it comes to beauty treatments! It’s not quite a beauty treatment but I do like to treat my mam and I to a nice massage at the spa every now and again. I look forward to using the steam room and saunas almost as much as the massage itself!
Make-up products you couldn’t live without?
Having fair hair, I can’t live without mascara. If I had to hand over everything in my make-up bag except one product, I would choose to keep the mascara as it defines the eyes and makes them pop. I’ve been using Diorshow for years but recently I’ve tried YSL Shocking and I really liked it!
Skincare products you couldn’t live without?
Can I say water? Water is an amazing skincare “product.”
Best piece of beauty advice?
Less is more. Especially when it comes to fake tan and blusher! Some people really go overboard!
Who does your hair?
I always do my own hair, I’am my own stylist! Aside from wearing it down, I’m a huge fan of plaits and I learned how to do a fishbone plait watching a YouTube hair tutorial. It takes less than five minutes and it’s such an easy, relaxed style to wear. If ever I need a blow-dry or a trim, I stay local and go to Occasions hair salon, which is five minutes away from my house. I’ve been going there for forever!
Do you have a favourite make-up artist?
Much like with my hair, I tend to do my own make-up. From my debs, to work and social events I attend, I’ve always done my own. Sometimes I’m adventurous and try out new trends but for the most part I have a look that I’m used to and I stick to it.
Signature scent?
For years I’ve worn D&G perfume. I tend to alternate between Light Blue in the summer and L’Imperatrice throughout the rest of the year. I love any scent that is light and fresh.
Describe your style?
Young, girly and not-necessarily-on-trend. I think my personal style is elegant, as I tend to wear a lot of pieces that I think are timeless. I’m not really one to follow trends when it comes to dressing myself. I like to wear clothes that suit my body and that I feel comfortable in how to be pretty naturally; comfort is always key! No matter how much I might love something, if I’m not comfortable in it, I won’t wear it. I love fashion and I keep up with the trends but I’m afraid they just don’t always suit me.
Favourite designer?
I’m a high street girl but I love Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford.
Favourite high street store?
It may seem unusual for a girl but I’ve never been especially loyal to just one store – my wardrobe is a mish mash of clothes from all sorts of high street shops. I guess because there are so many brands under one roof, House of Fraser brings me back again and again.

The Low Cholesterol Diet: Losing weight

There are several different types of cholesterol; when your doctor tells you to watch your cholesterol, however, hes usually talking about the bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol, is the kind that builds up in the arteries; this buildup is called plaque. Plaque can clog the arteries so much that your blood cant get to the organs that need it the most, such as your heart or brain; if precious blood cant get to your heart or brain, a heart attack or stroke results. To lower your LDL cholesterol level, you must follow a low cholesterol diet.
Saturated Fat

A low cholesterol diet is one low in saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Saturated fat is usually found in foods that come from animals, such as egg yolks, chicken and beef; a low cholesterol diet must be low in fatty foods.
Watch your sodium, or salt, intake and dont use salt on your food or use less than you normally would, plus drink more water to flush out your system.

Read the Labels
To find out how much fat and sodium is in the food you eat, read the labels. Nowadays, everything you buy in the store has a nutrition label on the side. Read the labels, find out about the food before you eat it because if you want to follow a low cholesterol diet, youll have to be very conscious of food labels.
In combination with a low cholesterol diet, you should follow a good exercise plan; moderating exercise two to three times per week will improve your health and help lower your LDL levels.

The low cholesterol diet doesnt necessarily have to encompass just food. Part of the low cholesterol diet should include watching whatever goes into your body; this includes smoking and drinking. If you smoke, quit and if you drink, quit or limit your drinks to two or less per week. Both quitting smoking and consuming less alcohol will help in your fight against LDL cholesterol as well as heart disease.
A low cholesterol diet should be followed by anyone who cares about their health. By following a low cholesterol diet, getting adequate exercise, quitting smoking and watching the alcohol intake, you will not only feel and look better, youll have the satisfaction in knowing that you did something about your cholesterol. More than likely, that means youll live a lot longer to appreciate it.

Losing weight has always remained as one of the most difficult tasks for people. For obese people, losing their insignificant weight sometimes becomes impossible and they are not able to get rid of it even after trying a lot of things. The good news is you can easily lose weight pervert the unnecessary accumulation of fats inside your body with the help of proper health supplements. Best fat burner supplement is one of the products that can provide faster relief from a highly obese body. The fact about these supplements is that they consist of certain ingredients that directly attack the fats that rigidly reside in your body. The supplement burns the fats effectively and moves it out of the body through the natural waste disposal system of the body. The best quality of these fat burners is that they do not cause any side-effects also. Normally, you would find supplements that although provide you with desired results sometime gives you more than what you want.

Best Coffee Machine

Automatic Coffee Maker Coffee Mugs Tea Coffee

LIke ice cream, coffee has no certain weather, time, place, or occasion to be consumed.
So whether you need a mood booster before a call with your client, during the peak of your genius or just when you need a boost to finish that report your boss wants from you.
Of course, you can have your intern get you a venti cup from Starbucks but chances are, it’s going to cost you twice as much if you do it on a daily basis and payday isn’t until a week later, and you know very well that instant coffee is simply just sugar in fancy packaging.
So instead of breaking the bank for daily venti cups, why not invest in Best Coffee Machine?
It’s almost the same price as 5 venti cups but it’s much more healthier and you can always have one anytime.
But before you break the bank, decide on what kind of coffee machine you want: do you want one where you have to manually press the beans or grounds whilst creating your own coffee shop creations in your home or office or do you want a coffee machine that will continuously pump out hot coffee?
Here’s how to differentiate the different kinds of coffee machine:

see the machines here Espresso Machines: are perfect for a small group of people whether it’s a small office or at home, however it doesn’t end there as there are also 3 kinds of espresso machine, namely: manual, beans-to-cup, and capsule. Manual coffee machines need some work to be done before you can have your cup. Capsule coffee machines just need you to insert a pack of pre-made coffee and it does all the work for you while beans-to-cup machine combines both beans and convenience.

Here are our favorites when it comes to espresso machines:
1. Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Dual Boiler (Manual)
2. Melitta Caffeo Barista TS (Beans-to-cup)
3. De’Longhi Lattissima Pro (Capsule)

Filter Machines: is your go to for bold and black coffee but before you buy one, decide if you want washable filters or disposable paper filters. Washable filters are favored by many as you simply wash them and start a new pot of coffee before the next shift starts however they have the possibility to taint your coffee when you brew a different flavor and it tends to make your coffee bitter with repeated use. Disposable filters on the other hand are perfect for those who like to try different flavors of coffee however they can only be used once so you have to replace them every time you brew. There are filter machines that have clocks and timers where you can set what time you want to have your hot cup of coffee.

1. Melitta Aroma Elegance Therm Deluxe
2. Melitta Look Timer

Some tips in Buying Your Own Coffee Machine:

Although both types of machines will give you coffee, know that each have different functions. Filter coffee machines will produce coffee much faster than that of an espresso machine as it drips hot water through ground coffee while espresso machines use pressurised hot water to extract each coffee bean or ground its distinct flavor, giving you that coffee flavor you’ve always loved in your favorite shops.

Are beauty products contains chemicals safe?

Are cosmetics a natural, healthful and safe beauty product as we’re being told and made to believe, that they are? Many people are looking for Naturally Pretty methods to improve their physical appearances with whatever goes, from cosmetic surgery to Botox injections. Or is it still better being aware of those unhelpful  culprits and unhealthy possibilities lurking in the bottles of beauty cosmetics that was described so convincingly by  many manufacturers? According to research our body is absorbing over two hundred synthetic chemicals every day without us knowing it. You should opt for cellulite cream if you should be likewise among of these then. There were exemplary and organic lotion that can actually assists every persons in managing the fat using its effective results. Fat ream supply designs towards the epidermis and decreases the undesirable cavities of harmful tissue.

It obstructs the more improvement of fat within the epidermis and goodies the skin normally. Healthier like before and to create it sparkle, lotion that is fat may be this’ greatest answer. In the event that you frequently utilize the fat lotion, it removes the advancements of cellulite and decreases the extra fat in the physique. Fat lotion includes 100% natural ingredients that boost the epidermis elegance and are really effective. It retains your skin sleek gleaming and organic. Furthermore correct flexibility is given by it towards your body’s specific areas. Cosmetic is a product used daily and often several times a day, just like brushing your teeth. None of the products are chemical free; some can have lesser chemicals than others. Nevertheless, the smallest amount will accumulate over time.

ou will rub into your gums a small cocktail of chemicals, including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Propylene Glycol, just to name some. Laurel Sulfate is in every cosmetics and personal care product; it poses a general health risk including skin, eyes and hair. In cosmetics are many synthetic inexpensive ingredients that are stable and having a long shelf life; therefore, manufacturers love them, but using them over a long time will be dangerous. What are Parabens? They are a mixture of various chemicals and acids containing antibacterial and antifungal properties which give Parabens their preservative quality.

They are also highly valued by manufacturers for maintaining freshness in foods and cosmetics. There is no ability with those dangerous chemicals to regulate any of the ingredients in cosmetics. For your safety avoid any products with Parabens or any similar word ending in Parabens. If there wouldn’t be any health risk in all of this, why is the European Union restricting the use of Parabens in cosmetics? There are natural products available to replace the chemical ones without any side effects or health risks. Just as an example: Coconut oil is a great facial cleanser, make up remover, skin moisturizer for face and body, insect repellent, for dandruff and dry scalp, even treatment of head lice, all natural with no chemicals or toxins. There were products that was way more convenient to use than the chemical one.

A player profile

Born in Cle­land, Joe Jordan started out with Greenock Morton before he was lured from the helter skelter of Scot­tish foot­ball by legendary Leeds United man­ager Don Revie who bought him for an estim­ated fee of £15,000 in October 1970. Being a quick learner, the tooth­less fron­trunner ulti­mately estab­lished him­self as a reg­ular in the first team at Elland Road.

While at Leeds United, Joe Jordan would play along­side house­hold names such as Allan Clarke, Eddie Gray, Mick Jones and Peter Lor­imer. Fol­lowing Don Revie’s depar­ture to manage The Eng­land National Foot­ball Team, how­ever, Leeds United were declining and hatred between the players started to bubble over. Even­tu­ally, Manchester United Head Coach Dave Sexton brought Joe Jordan to Old Traf­ford for a transfer fee estim­ated to be some­where in the region of £350,000 in January 1978 and the trigger happy marksman would be joined by his pre­vious Leeds United team­mate Gordon McQueen only a few weeks later.

A nat­ural born goal scorer, the former Elland Road hero went on to become a stal­wart central striker for Manchester United and his fear­less approach to the game made him a massive favourite with the Old Traf­ford faithful WOW. Whilst with Manchester United, Joe Jordan accu­mu­lated 37 goals in 109 Foot­ball League appear­ances for The Manchester Reds and he was a member of the team which reached the FA Cup Final in 1979 only to suffer a narrow 3–2 defeat at the hands of their bitter adversaries Arsenal.
Fol­lowing com­par­at­ively short spells at Italian Serie A teams AC Milan and Hellas Verona FC during the early part of the 1980s, Joe Jordan decided to join forces with Eng­lish First Divi­sion side Southampton at the begin­ning of the 1984–85 cam­paign before the goal plun­derer extraordin­aire finally fin­ished his pro­fes­sional foot­ball career with Third Divi­sion club Bristol City four years later. Wearing the famous dark blue shirt of Scot­land on 52 occa­sions, the attacker also man­aged to make his mark on the inter­na­tional scene after making his senior debut for his nation in a 1–0 British Home Cham­pi­on­ship defeat against Eng­land at Wembley Sta­dium on the 19th of May 1973. Peter Lor­imer: “Our whole ethos was built on loy­alty. Don Revie involved the players’ fam­ilies, to heighten the sense of togeth­er­ness. The man­ager organ­ised social nights for the players, including rounds of carpet bowls, dom­inoes and bingo. We had 15 years of what no man gets. Every day you would go to work and it was an abso­lute pleasure. You couldn’t wait to get in your car and go down to the ground and be amongst the lads. It was a team that had everything. They had aggres­sion. They had class. They had exper­i­ence. It was the com­plete team, it had the per­fect blend of players that offered every good part of the game of soccer.”

Particularly since there are some tricky games coming up for both teams, along with the beginning of their European campaigns. Ultimately, neither side are yet in intense conversation with Crisis; that would be terribly premature. But both are definitely sitting in Crisis’ waiting room, flicking through the magazines and gratefully accepting a complimentary cup of tea.


How to ease different kind of pain?

Pain is an unpleasant emotional experience associated with potential tissue damage.This means they can treat the muscles and bones in your back that could be causing you distress. Through different types of therapy, your chiropractor can create a treatment plan specific to your condition. With a chiropractor helping you, you may find that your pain and discomfort decrease much more quickly than by treating it by yourself.

One of it is knee pain, Knee pain is a very common ailment that people experience at some point in their lives. Knee pain has a wide variety of specific causes and treatments. These causes may include sports, exercise and other activities leading to muscle strains, tendinitis, and more serious injuries to ligaments and cartilage. Apart from these there may be knee problems caused by aging bones and ligaments, mostly seen in elderly people. The knee pains can be so severe that they may limit the daily activities. Most people who used to experience this are those on the stage of Adulthood.

Arthritis generally causes severe knee pain and even disability. It is a deteriorating condition that can eventually require surgery. Arthritis can be of different types like rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. All of these problems may make you experience stiffness and swelling in the knees and it may also be hard for you to bend the knee. This is an autoimmune disease which affects the tissue around the joint to become swollen and thickened. Chronic inflammation may lead to damage and loss of the cartilage. Many were asking for an expert pain guidance to ease this unceasing pain.

Another type of injury that causes knee pain are the tears that take place in the cartilage of the knee. The cartilage is actually a tough but flexible tissue that covers the end of the bones. A tear in the knee cartilage typically would require surgery. This is an autoimmune disease which affects the tissue around the joint to become swollen and thickened. Chronic inflammation may lead to damage and loss of the cartilage.

Another pain that actually makes us suffer is back pain. Having a strong body, being on a good diet, exercising regularly, and enjoying overall good health doesn’t mean you can’t become a victim of back pain.

The spine consists of many interlocking pieces such as the vertebrae, muscles, facet joints, ligaments, tendos and intervertebral discs, not necessary in that order. Pain is most likely caused by a trigger when any of these components malfunctions.

Often times, back pain is a direct cause of inflammation in the muscles. Because of this, cold therapy can be extremely beneficial. By regularly applying cold packs or ice, you can reduce inflammation. Also, applying cold to the affected area can act as an anesthetic and slow down nerve reactions. However, just because you are applying cold doesn’t mean you should skip the heat. Heat application can help increase blood flow to the lumbar area which can speed up the healing process. It has also been show to inhibit messages of pain from being sent to the brain. By alternating between hot and cold, you can naturally help your back to heal and feel relief from pain and discomfort. Find what works for your particular situation. Taking baths, showers, hot tubs, ice packs, and hot water bottles are all excellent things to try.

How can be massage effective as exercise?

There are many strategies to achieve a healthy, happy and productive workforce; the ideal is to implement a program of health and wellness tailored to the company. Within these programs, one of the most popular tools has been a relaxing massage in the office. There are very few things that are as relaxing and immediate as a body massage it is by also using Best Massage Chair. Most people who have a full body massage by female to male for the first time are surprised at how nice it is. It also helps to eliminate anxiety, pain and fatigue. It is one of the oldest therapies and is still applied to improve musculoskeletal conditions, maintain flexibility and relax the body.

For company personnel, massage has great benefits:

• Reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety • Relieves common muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, arms and wrists by the constant use of the computer keyboard and mouse. • Improves mental concentration. • Relieves headaches and migraines. • Relieves pain and improves posture • Promotes blood circulation. • Increases energy and therefore productivity. • Noticing a sense of wellbeing, the employee becomes more health conscious. • Increase motivation and commitment.

For the company also it provides many advantages:

• Save costs through increased productivity and staff motivation. • It promotes a harmonious working environment and workers will find themselves more relaxed and happy. • Save costs incurred by low sickness and absenteeism. • Retains key talent. • Reduce costs associated with diseases caused by stress. • Reduces claims related overexertion. • The company becomes a good place to work, which begins to be released by their employees. • Improves physical and mental health of their workforce. • Shows interest in the welfare of their employees.

The benefits of massage are numerous, but it is important that it be applied by qualified professional, because despite having many advantages, there are contraindications that may even affect or worsen the condition of the person who receives it. In such case, we must refer you to a physician for an evaluation.

As mentioned earlier, the number of participants is a little small to be able to draw any solid conclusions. In addition, these are men who volunteered to take the survey, which is to some degree intrusive; there could theoretically be different results if those who declined to take the survey had answered the questions.

Perhaps more problematic is that measuring sensual drive in a self-reported manner presents challenges. Despite efforts to quantify it, one man’s interpretation of how intense his feelings are may vary from another’s. And even with an anonymous survey, it’s very easy for a man to “cheat” a little, especially when admitting to how often he has sensual activity or thinks about it.

Still, the results raise interesting points. If a man really pushes himself during his workouts and exercise routines and finds that he has a decreased sensual drive, he might want to take his exercise intensity down a few notches and see if there is a difference. Or he may want to talk to his doctor to see what other alternatives he could consider.

An Intimate Evening of Fashion Heresy!

The show took place in the lush bordello surroundings of Stone’s Place. Without the confinements of a runway or a stage, this gave the models the freedom to showcase the designs anyway they wanted and they were able to interact with the crowd – a great personal touch. And the designer Sandra Huculiak is known for her ‘personal touch’.

Sandra knew early on in her life that she wanted to be in the fashion industry. Graduating from George Brown College in 1995 she worked at various jobs; still dealing with fashion, but then decided to create her own clothing line under the name Vamp Design. Her designs were sold throughout Toronto but Sandra still wanted more. Heretic’s clothing store opened its doors to the world in 1999. The store featured her creations and accessories from other local designers. Shoppers for were even welcomed to tarot readings in the store during the weekends. Realizing that Sandra wanted to put more time into the work she loved – designing – the store closed in 2002. Heretic’s website went up on the World Wide Web and it has brought her more customers from all over the world. It’s the connection that Sandra makes with her customers that keeps them coming back. Not only is her clothing superb but Sandra’s warm and friendly attitude helped sell ‘herself’ more than anything. Many of her customers comment that Sandra is such a nice person and knows exactly how to help you choose what you want to have made. She keeps busy with custom orders and conventions but Sandra had never done an event which exclusively showcased Heretic designs. Well there was no better time than now!

Heretic enlisted the help of the diabolic performance artists of Cabaret Sinistre to narrate the fashion segments. Cabaret Sinistre added flare and originality, which is lacking in most fashion shows these days. The host, Grosik, interacted with the models and was subjected to a hat-stealing, bum spanking good time! One of the models that night was the famous American model Laura Palmer. Sandra is Laura’s personal designer, and when given the opportunity to help Sandra showcase her talent, Laura jumped at the chance. Laura’s professionalism and sexy demeanour shone through every outfit she wore that night. Her classic pin-up look was perfect for the Lucille Ball inspired dress and the gorgeous corset in the Fetish scene at the end of the show.

First we were brought through the medieval romantic inspired clothing. A whimsical red dress with a waist cincher corset; a floor length blue velvet dress that looked as though it stepped right out of a fairy tale. Beautiful silver matching outfits for a couple that were very Baroque in style. The silver corset that was shown was hand beaded! Next was a Gothic Burton/Parisian couple ensemble. The black and white candy striped vest and dress were a crowd favourite. There was a Page ensemble, a Renaissance overdress and chemise, and of course a fantastic antique lace wedding dress.

The second set was all about glamour! From harlots to housewives – it had it all! A bewitching sophisticated long black satin skirt paired with a black lace blouse and corset that was reminiscent of old Hollywood style. This was followed by a sheer black organza full skirt accompanied by a red over bust corset. Next was a cute strapless cocktail dress from the 1950’s that proved some fashions never go out of style. And for those vintage fanatics, they loved the Lucille dress. Inspired by the woman it’s named after; this two tone taffeta dress won the hearts of all who laid eyes on it. Last was a fun little red number designed with a 1940’s flare – a sleeveless cocktail dress with a teardrop neckline and matching belt.

The Fetish clothing was saved for the end to leave a ‘lasting impression’. Sandra excels at giving her fetish designs a delicate and tailored look. There were men dressed in a white PVC doctor’s lab coat and the ever-popular Priest’s cassock. A corporate style outfit consisting of a pinstripe tie, corset and pencil skirt which was one the most favourite outfits of the night. A bondage fairy graced the stage with wings, corset and a purple under dress. For all those waist-cinching fans, Laura strut her stuff in a stunning blue corset. The piece that ended the night was a floor length PVC flute gown that laced up in the back. This skintight strapless masterpiece received many cheers from the crowd. On top of viewing all the beautiful clothing the crowd was treated to delicious catered food, great music from DJ Karnage during and between show segments and lots of prize giveaways.

Sandra Huculiak couldn’t have picked a better name for her company. She follows the current fashion trends but goes against the norm and with taste. Her clothing has appeared in movies, TV shows and been displayed in the Textile Museum of Canada’s Moral Fibre exhibit. Sandra believes, first and foremost, in quality. This is why not having a retail store anymore worked perfectly for her. She is always looking forward; her next show will center on wedding apparel designs for same sex couples, teaming up with yet another community to spread her doctrine of fashion heresy. Of course one can catch Heretic at Fetish Con where they have been regular vendors for years.

Clothing and fashion exist for so many reasons. It’s a chance for people to dream up fantasy clothing or the best power suit, to have for themselves the most gorgeous wedding dress or waistcoat. Heretic can help make your custom clothing dreams come true.

inflatable hot tubs running cost

People buy their own personal inflatable hot tubs because they don’t want to pay a very huge amount in installing a Jacuzzi nor pay the same huge amount in heating bills. The Inflatable hot tubs are usually designed electrically, meaning, you don’t have to worry in choosing between gas and electricity.
If you are reading this because you want to find out what are the usual running cost that your portable tub will be giving you on a regular basis then this article will be helpful. For the budget conscious consumers out there, these below are the things that you must take not with your inflatable tubs.
Factors to consider for hot tub usage
Electricity: The tub will consume about 12.5 kilowatts in a daily basis if you will use it at a temperature of 102 degrees for 30 minutes. One customer testimonial says that there is a $15 increase to their monthly electric bill.
Water: Your water bill depends on which state you are and how often you use the tub. An estimate amount of $20 to fill in a tub with 200 gallons of water, but this will again depend on how you fill the tub and where you are situated.
Chemicals: This is really one of the costs that a consumer must also consider. The Spa chemicals vary in so many brands and prices, so the cost will again be determined on the consumer choice. An estimate of 3.75 pound of chlorine tablets will only range under the cost of $23 online. A bucket of fifty pounds chlorine will be over $100 (depending on which brand and store). I suggest that you fins chemicals that are not too expensive yet very safe.
Filters: Filters must be inspected and cleansed on a regular basis (daily) and replaced every after three days as what is instructed in the manual (for optimum performance) . The manual also said that you can lean the filters by using a hose but if the cartridge is already dirty or has an obvious change in color then it must be disposed and replaced. You can buy a pack of 12 filters online for only about $40 or $4 per piece.

Tips in lowering your Costs:
If you are still choosing to buy a portable tub then please choose the smaller unit. The smaller the size the lesser water you will need. Less water simply means less power the tub consumes in heating.
Position your tub indoors or if not then on a covered patio because it will help you control the air temperature. Exposing the tub on the outside elements will decrease its power in heating making it exert more energy is warming the water thus increasing your bill.
Buy an inflatable tub that comes with an insulated lids and floor pads. Insulation will make your tub warmer for longer hours and will help you save money.

The factors mentioned above are the usual running cost of an inflatable hot tub but please remember that it will still depend on the hot tubs brand, unit, power consumption and the repetition of use. Please consider the specifics in order to find out the monthly cost that will add up into your regular house payable.