Ranking the Rarest and Most Expensive CS:GO Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) weapon skins are highly coveted among players for their rarity and expense. While some skins are common and affordable, certain ultra rare skins are considered the crown jewels for collectors and can sell for thousands of dollars. In this article, we’ll rank the top 10 rarest and most expensive CS:GO skins as of August 2023.

CS:GO weapon skins not only change the appearance of guns but also show prestige and dedication for serious players. The rarer and more expensive a CS:GO skin is, the more social status it carries in the game. For collectors and investors, high-tier skins offer the potential for value appreciation over time. Let’s count down some of the rarest and most sought-after skins commanding astronomical prices on Steam and third-party markets. You can also get money on the affiliate program if you drive traffic to skin trading sites.

#10 Dragon Lore (AWP) 

The Dragon Lore is an exceedingly rare AWP sniper rifle skin featuring ornate dragon artwork. It comes in various conditions but even heavily used versions go for over $1000. Factory New Dragon Lores are the most coveted, fetching over $25,000. Fewer than 50 FN versions exist, making it a holy grail item for collectors.

#9 Case Hardened (AK-47) 

The AK-47 Case Hardened features an eye-catching blue gem pattern across parts of the gun. High percentages of blue greatly increase value, with solid blue tops being the most coveted. A factory new AK-47 CH pattern #661, considered the best, sold for $150,000 at the peak of the skin market.

#8 Crimson Web (Karambit) 

The Karambit knife Crimson Web is extremely rare with coveted centered webs on the blade. Perfect FN CW Karambits with clean corners and a centered web on both sides can sell for over $30,000. Even Minimal Wear CW Karambits with a single centered web go for thousands.

#7 Shattered Web (Talon Knife) 

The Talon Knife shattered web skin from the CS20 case features a slick fractal web pattern. Minimal Wear Talon Knife Slaughters with a clean centered web on playside can trade for $2000 or more. Factory New Talon Slaughters are even rarer, fetching up to $5000 for flawless examples.

#6 Pandora’s Box (Glove) 

As part of the CS20 collection, the Pandora’s Box gloves have a slick futuristic aesthetic in grey and white. With a less than 1% drop chance, Factory New Pandora’s Box gloves trade for $5000 to $7500 for flawless pairs. Well-worn versions still sell for over $1000 due to rarity.

#5 Skeleton (Navaja Knife) 

The Navaja Knife Skeleton skin has a unique beige bone-like color scheme with CSS logo imprint. With only a few dozen in existence, Factory New Skeleton Navajas can sell for $5000 to $6000. Even minimal wear versions of this rare CS20 skin trade for thousands.

#4 Wild Lotus (AWP) 

One of the most coveted AWP skins is the Pink DDPAT Wild Lotus, which resembles a rare flower. Only 2 Factory New Wild Lotus AWPS exist, commanding prices upwards of $8000. There are less than 20 MW Wild Lotuses, making this skin almost as rare as a dragon lore.

#3 Ultraviolet (M9 Bayonet) 

The legendary M9 Bayonet Crimson Web Ultraviolet is unbelievably rare. It was mistakenly released on Steam, then quickly discontinued. There are no confirmed factory new skins and less than 5 MW versions exist. It’s projected a FN M9 Ultraviolet could sell for tens of thousands. Even battle-scarred skins trade for over $5000.

#2 Night (M9 Bayonet) 

Arguably the rarest mainstream CS:GO skin, there is only 1 Factory New M9 Bayonet Night known to exist. At one point it carried a price tag upward of $60,000. It’s currently valued at around $30,000, making it the most expensive M9 skin. There are less than 10 MW Night M9s as well, valued in the thousands.

#1 Souvenir Dragon Lore (AWP) 

The undisputed holy grail of CS:GO skins is the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore from the 2014 Dreamhack Major. Only 2 FN Souvenir Dragon Lore AWPs exist. One sold for over $61,000 in 2019. It’s estimated these exceptionally rare Souvenir AWP DLore skins could now fetch over $100,000 from the right collector. They represent the pinnacle for CS:GO skins.

While exorbitantly priced skins are out of reach for average players, they remain coveted status symbols and prized collector’s items for years to come. Prices fluctuate but rare patterns, low floats, and souvenir skins guarantee high valuations down the line. For now, we can admire these skins in all their glory during tournaments and high-profile matches.