Barnett Razr Crossbow

The Razr Crossbow will get your adrenaline rushing every time you pick it up to use. It is the definition of perfection and precision all wrapped up in a 7.9-pound box. It is a top performing crossbow Best Guide to find your bow with a lot of features that will make you drool over it.
Before I continue, here are some few specifications about the Barnett Razr:
Speed: 400 feet per second
Draw Strength: 185 lbs.
Weight: 6.5 lbs.; with accessories: 7.9 lbs.
Other Accessories includes: 3 X 32 illuminated scope, 3-arrow Quiver, three 22″ Easton Headhunter arrows, 3.5″ skinning knife and rope cocking device
Carbon Riser Technology
The Barnett Razr is a very powerful crossbow that is unmatched in the market when it comes to power-to-weight ratio. With draw strength of 185 pounds, the Razr still produces an impressive arrow speed.
One of the things that endear the Barnett Razr to a lot of hunters is the Carbon Riser Technology which allows the weight of the crossbow to reduce while keeping its draw strength strong.
Easier Handling
The Razr comes with an underarm support which allows the hunter to adjust the feel to their liking as well as the balance of the crossbow on their arms during a shooting session. This crossbow sends out arrows at an astonishing speed of 400 feet per second and they hit the target with an astounding level of accuracy.
It is quite lightweight at 6.5 lbs. and it is easy to handle. I found it easy to cock the Razr without much help from the manual, though I didn’t run into some troubled waters when I tried removing the rope cocking device which led to the safety being disengaged.
The quiver in this crossbow package has a new and improved design. It is easily accessible and it has a stock for a bonus skinning knife that comes with the box
The Illuminated Scope
Of recent, I have noticed that most crossbows come with a decent scope from the manufacture. The problem is you will always end up going back to the retailer to buy a better scope.
When it comes to the scope for a crossbow, you need something that works well during the day as well in the evening, when you go out to hunt.
The best practice is to make sure that your scope is fog resistant, provides clarity with an above average light gathering ability for when you venture into dimly lit areas in the woods. With the Barnett Razr, you won’t have to contend with such issues. It is fully fitted with a premium illuminated scope that is fog proof with batteries that can go weeks without needing to be charged. You can’t find a much better scope than this one on the market.

· There is no frontal heaviness thanks to the light carbon riser
· Includes an awesome 3 X 32 illuminated scope
· It is quite durable thanks to the inclusion of composite laminated limbs
· Comes with automatic safety

· Not ideal for beginners
· The quiver can only hold 3 arrows