inflatable hot tubs running cost

People buy their own personal inflatable hot tubs because they don’t want to pay a very huge amount in installing a Jacuzzi nor pay the same huge amount in heating bills. The Inflatable hot tubs are usually designed electrically, meaning, you don’t have to worry in choosing between gas and electricity.
If you are reading this because you want to find out what are the usual running cost that your portable tub will be giving you on a regular basis then this article will be helpful. For the budget conscious consumers out there, these below are the things that you must take not with your inflatable tubs.
Factors to consider for hot tub usage
Electricity: The tub will consume about 12.5 kilowatts in a daily basis if you will use it at a temperature of 102 degrees for 30 minutes. One customer testimonial says that there is a $15 increase to their monthly electric bill.
Water: Your water bill depends on which state you are and how often you use the tub. An estimate amount of $20 to fill in a tub with 200 gallons of water, but this will again depend on how you fill the tub and where you are situated.
Chemicals: This is really one of the costs that a consumer must also consider. The Spa chemicals vary in so many brands and prices, so the cost will again be determined on the consumer choice. An estimate of 3.75 pound of chlorine tablets will only range under the cost of $23 online. A bucket of fifty pounds chlorine will be over $100 (depending on which brand and store). I suggest that you fins chemicals that are not too expensive yet very safe.
Filters: Filters must be inspected and cleansed on a regular basis (daily) and replaced every after three days as what is instructed in the manual (for optimum performance) . The manual also said that you can lean the filters by using a hose but if the cartridge is already dirty or has an obvious change in color then it must be disposed and replaced. You can buy a pack of 12 filters online for only about $40 or $4 per piece.

Tips in lowering your Costs:
If you are still choosing to buy a portable tub then please choose the smaller unit. The smaller the size the lesser water you will need. Less water simply means less power the tub consumes in heating.
Position your tub indoors or if not then on a covered patio because it will help you control the air temperature. Exposing the tub on the outside elements will decrease its power in heating making it exert more energy is warming the water thus increasing your bill.
Buy an inflatable tub that comes with an insulated lids and floor pads. Insulation will make your tub warmer for longer hours and will help you save money.

The factors mentioned above are the usual running cost of an inflatable hot tub but please remember that it will still depend on the hot tubs brand, unit, power consumption and the repetition of use. Please consider the specifics in order to find out the monthly cost that will add up into your regular house payable.